Introduction: Jazz Hands Mechanism Man!

I chose to do a mechanism man because it looked like a fun project to work on and it was not to easy or too hard. It was a school project that my teacher set for me and when I sent my homework in my DT teacher ' Kiteman' he suggested I enter this as an instructable. The images above relate to the steps below.

To get my mechanism to move you will have to turn one of the pulleys. The pulley is attached to the hand and so the other pulley is attached by the elastic band, so then they can both move at the same time!


Cardboard boxes, wooden base, egg tray, paper straws, wooden skewers, paint(optional), elastic band, hot glue gun, drill, utility knife, scissors and a pencil.

Step 1:

Firstly, create yourself a clear safe working area. Get all of the equipment you will need( as detailed in the supplies box below) to make your mechanism man.

Step 2:

Draw an outline of the head and shoulders and draw around your hands.

Step 3:

Cut out your outlines you drew, but be careful of using a sharp bladed knife! (If you don't want to use a sharp knife you can use a blunt pair of scissors.)

Step 4:

If you are finding it hard to keep hold of the cardboard you can glue it to a piece of wood.

Step 5:

Make 2 holes in the egg tray to stick the straws through using a drill.

Step 6:

Cut out discs for the pulleys of the elastic band.

Step 7:

This is the front of the mechanism.

Step 8:

This is the back of the mechanism.

Step 9:

It is optional to decorate your person, but i decided to!

Step 10: Final Piece!

This is a image of the finished mechanism.

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