Introduction: Jazzed Up Bobby Pins

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Want to jazz up your plain old bobby pins? If so, then this tutorial is for you.
First lets gather up our materials needed for this simple project:
wire: 20 gauge/24 gauge
Pliers: wubbers (looping), flat head, cutters
Bobby pins
jumbo craft stick
seed beads
focal beads
black polymer clay

Step 1: Cut Your Wire

Cut your 20 gauge wire two inches and your 24 gauge wire 6inches

Step 2: Make a Loop

Create a loop on the end of the 2 inch piece of 20 gauge wire.

Step 3: Wrap That Wire

Wrap the 24 gauge wire around the 20 gauge wire (I wrap it around 6 times) 
Next, nip the small piece of 24 gauge wire and leave the rest alone.

Step 4: Begin to Bead

Add a seed bead and compress the wire to the loop
Jump over the seed bead and loop around it. With another seed bead compress the wire against the first seed bead.
After compressing the wire remove the seed bead you used to compress the wire

Step 5: Add the Focal Bead

Now add the focal bead and loop over it. Use a seed bead to compress this bead in place with the wire then repeat the process with a seed bead

Step 6: Snip and Bend

Now snip the rest of the 24 gauge wire and make a loop on the other end of the 20 gauge wire.
Once you have done that bend the piece into a bow shape to slip over the bobby pin.

Step 7: Slip It On

Slip onto the flat piece of the bobby pin and press down on the wire wrapped beads as flat as you can.

Step 8: Polymer Clay Time

Take a small amount of polymer clay to secure your wire wrapped beads into place,Then secure it to the craft stick and bake for 30 minutes at 250 degrees

Step 9: All Done

There you have it! Now you have some styling bobby pins... all handmade and all yours!

Step 10:

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