Jazzy Glass ( Air Plant Holder )

Introduction: Jazzy Glass ( Air Plant Holder )

About: Artist/Inventor who loves everything creative. Creator of Jazzy Glass

Here is a step by step video for making a really fun Air Plant Holder. Air plants make great plants for busy households,offices and dorm rooms. There are many choices for air plants and sizes vary.

Jazzy Glass makes a great base for the plant and looks sparkly and amazing.

Please enjoy!

Thank you! The Juliart


Air Plant

Jazzy Glass( many color to choose from )

A collection of small sea shells, mother of pearl chips, sand, driftwood, lichen or moss.

Glitter ( I used Jazzy Glitz fusible glitter )

Small plastic cup to put drops of water in. ( I used tattoo ink pots )

Piece of Clear vinyl table runner.

Small glass craft bottle with cork

Small felt pads for bottom of holder

Little piece of paper ( for your message in a bottle )

UV resin or two part epoxy resin (Liquid Diamonds )

UV lamp



UV protective eyewear


Work on large piece of cardboard to protect your work area.

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