Introduction: Jeans Apron Recycle

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Do you want to make some fun recycle project from your kid’s jeans? This is
super simple and fun project and you don't need to have mannequin for it. You could construct your perfect pocket full apron on yourself or on your friend.

So let’s start playing.

You will need one pair of jeans pants, some scissors, thread ... basic sewing machine with zig zag and straight stitch.

PS If you like back pockets cut it out from the back.

Look if your pants have some metal parts on the edges of pockets. You need to remove this first; or you could leave the pockets on your jeans.

Step 1: Cut the Big Puzzle Fabric Pieces

Start cutting the front or back as your main part where you will use pockets for the front of the apron.

If you have some metal parts remove them with pliers or just cut this out, because you don't want to sew on metal.

Step 2: Cutting at the Front of the Pants

This is a bigger look how I did start cutting the pants.

PS I did leave side seams on so on some parts of apron I do have five or more layers of fabric.

Step 3: Big Fabric Puzzle Pieces

This are my main front pieces of the apron. Before I will sew some puzzles together I need to zig zag the edges

NOTE: Right side of picture will be under the neck on the apron.

Step 4: Zig Zag the Fabric Edges

You could see my zig zag on fabric that is not folded with old PANTS SEAMS.

Step 5: Detail

Detail how I did just put one part (one layer fabric) under the PANTS SEAM fabric and sew it at the edge with some round and some zig zag seams.

Step 6: Continuing With Sewing Puzzles

Then I place FRONT PANTS POCKETS WITH ZIPPER AND BUTTON on my previous apron puzzle.

The same as one the floor picture, just placed on mannequin. You see on PANTS KNEE piece I will place back pocket later. Because I did use mannequin I did decided that I will make a collar on one side of the apron.

If you don't have mannequin, place it on yourself for measuring.

Step 7: Side Puzzle Pieces

Then I pin some more fabric on both sides of the apron.

PS I did mark the top apron on a mannequin with a piece of calk, so I will know for future steps where to put the fabric on.

Step 8: Cutting Off

I did see I have too much fabric on the arm seam, so I did just cut it out.

You see how easy it is, if you need more fabric you sew it on, if you have it too much you cut it off. Simple.

Step 9: Pining

On some parts I did pin the fabric on, then mark it with chalk to cut it out, make a zig zag stitch and pin it back on the mannequin......and then I take it to the sewing machine. You remember I just play that I’m a designer….fun, and you could to.

Step 10: Big View

Puzzle apron on the floor. And yes I know exactly where is where. The neck side is still on the right side of the picture.Now all I need is to fill some holes with fabric, but this is on next step picture.

Step 11: Bottom Apron Edge

This is at the bottom of the apron on the front side. You see I did still have some back BELT PANTS PIECE and I did put it on my apron, and mark it with chalk. All that you need to look is, that you want to avoid the places with 5 of more fabric layers at the new layer, you know you don't want to sew 10 or more layers at one stitch.

Step 12: Continuing...

Then just make zig zag all the edges and pin the pieces on its place and take it to the sewing machine to stitch it together.

Step 13: Jeans Applique on Grasses Marks

On the apron side I did use second KNEE FABRIC PIECE that was covered with grass marks so I did cover it with some jeans applique.

Step 14: Finishing Steps...

Now time to try it on. I pin it on place to see what else I need for closure at the back and neck....

Step 15: Back Apron Belt...

Here I did play with some fabric scraps. I will finished all the edges with zig zag stitch and then I will assembled all the pieces on one side and one the second side I will use buttons or rivet buttons. But this is how my back belt apron will be finished.

Step 16: Neck Fabric Puzzles....

The same puzzle playing at the back neck apron.

And front neck view. I will put a button on left side....but I need to found my buttons first. (Maybe this is the hardest part). Because this apron is for a friend I will make some top stitches too, but that is not part of sewing so this will be just on finished pictures.

NOTE: At the end I did leave all threads on, so it's made like I sew my books, with lot threads on, but you could cut it off if you wish to have cleaner look.

Step 17:

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