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Introduction: Jeans Wallet

Learn how to make a cool wallet from an old pair of jeans, complete with a coin pocket, credit card slot and place for bills/ checkbook/ whatever.

You'll need:
Old Jeans
Lots of thread
Needle (also, if possible: a sailmaker's needle and palm)
Utility blade (for opening seams)

Step 1: Cut a Jeans Leg

You need a bit less than 11 inches, but its better to be safe then sorry :-)

Step 2: Cut the Seam

Not the double-really-annoying seam, but the other seam.

*When using a blade, needle etc. watch your fingers.

Step 3: Cut the Fraying Edges

Try to be accurate- You'll need all the width you can get.

Step 4: Decide Sides and Fold

Decide which side you want for the outside of your wallet (sometimes there is a color difference due to fading) and lay that side down. Fold the fabric leaving a "flap". This flap will later cover the coin pocket.

Step 5: Flip

Flip it.

Step 6: Fold Again

Fold the fabric in half to the flap (well, look at the picture.)

Step 7: Sort It Out

fold the flap onto the wallet and mark a straight line on the "back side"

Step 8: Cut It Straight

Along the line you just marked...

Step 9: Mark Size

Fold your wallet in half. Sort out what size you want your wallet to be and cut it.

Step 10: Fold and Cut the Flap

Open the wallet, fold the flap onto the wallet and cut it like so

Step 11: Stitch!

Stitch along the inside edge of the flap. Do not stitch through to the last layer! This last layer will make the bill pocket.

* If you have a sailmaker's/ leather needle and a Palm: now is a good time to use them.

Step 12: More Stitching

Neatly stitch the edge of the flap. It should stop it from fraying (and it looks nice)

Step 13: Side 1

Trick: stitch 2-3 layers together, not all layers at once. It might be too hard. Follow me here...

*Again, if you have a sailmaker's/ leather needle and a Palm: now is a good time to use them.

Once you stitch all the way around, take your needle andgently stitch your stitches!

Step 14: Cut Card Slot

Mark and cut a slot for credit cards

Step 15: Stitch Around

Well, yeah. More stitching.

Step 16: And Side 2

stitch the other side as you did the first.

Step 17: Are We There Yet?

Stitch the edge of the "middle" layer

Step 18: But You're Nearly There...

Stitch along the edge of the "back" layer

Step 19: Done.

Congratulations! (I mean it)
Enjoy your new wallet.

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    8 years ago

    I may see in some cardboard, but this is indeed brilliant! I will make this for one o my DIY classes


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It is indeed a bit flimsy. I was thinking about adding thin plastic (like a milk jug) inside but couldn't work out how. If you could find a way I would love to hear!