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Introduction: Jeans Wallet

It is a commonly thought of opinion that men are harder to buy for. I, too, agree with this opinion. So therefore, isn't it a lot easier to make something?
Introducing, the jeans wallet! I was inspired to make this because of my dad. He has the grungiest, old leather wallet that SMELLS.
He really needs a new wallet! This wallet was made from the leg of one of my jeans which I'd hemmed. It has six card slots, a photo slot, a coin pocket and a notes pocket. It's also small enough to fit into my hip pockets COMFORTABLY-important for men who don't carry handbags XD Finally, it's designed to look like the front hip pocket of a pair of jeans. Cool, eh?
This is what you need to do if you too want a spiffy wallet like this one :)

Step 1: You Will Need:

  1. 1 leg ... from a pair of jeans. That was all I needed, but the jeans that I used were quite wide. You could also just use new denim, but I'm unsure of how much is required for that.
  2. Hard-ish plastic (any colour) and transparent, soft plastic. I didn't purchase this either, I just cut up my old school diaries. You don't need too much, no more than 10cmx15cm.
  3. A regular sized membership card/gift card/credit card type thing for reference.
  4. 9cm of a 2.5cm strip of velcro, also known as a hook-and-loop fastener.
  5. Basic sewing equip, i.e. sewing needle/sewing machine, thread, fabric scissors, pins.
I also drew up a paper pattern for reference, but that shouldn't be necessary for you. :) 

Step 2: The Pieces of the Wallet

Okay, so there are about 9 different pieces to this wallet. All measurements are in centimetres (cm). 

Shapes, Sizes and Numbers - What are they?
A - 23x19 - cut 1 - main, inner piece
B - 23x19 [a rectangle, with a quarter circle cut out, 4cm from the longer edge] - cut 1 - outer, decorative piece
C - 7x8.5 - cut 3 - vertical card pockets
D - 5.5x10 - cut 3 - horizontal card pockets
E ~ 6x6 - cut 1 - Extra piece which goes in between B. Will be explained in more detail later.
F ~ 4.5x5 - cut 1 - small pocket, like the small pocket often found within a jeans pocket.
G - 4.5x3 - cut 1 - decorative strap, like a belt holding strap
H - 6x8.5 - cut 1 -  cut this one in the soft, transparent plastic. This is for holding a picture. 
I - 16x12 - cut 1 - pocket for coins, a flap included. 

* The wiggly line ~ means approximately. The sizes could change

Step 3: Hemming the Card Pockets

Take one of the D pieces (they're a lot longer than the C pieces). Fold it along the length, and again, about 5mm wide. Sew along the hem, using a straight stitch and a gold, double thread. The golden thread is to make it look more like the stitching on jeans. Repeat for the other two pieces. 
On the C pieces, hem along the width. 

Step 4: Attaching the Card Pockets

Fold piece A (that's the biggest rectangle) in half, so that it's sized approx 11.5cmx19cm.Try arranging the pockets and placing them on piece A. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, mark the places with some kind of non-permanent textile medium like chalk. 
Pin the bottom most pocket in place first. Don't worry about the bottom of the pocket- it won't be seen again. But remember to tuck in the sides by 5mm. This is to ensure that there are no messy edges. Check that the size of the pocket is correct by placing the card inside the pinned pocket. Sew a straight stitch, close to the edge. Repeat with another piece, 5mm down from the first piece. With the final piece, pin the bottom edge under too. Sew the bottom edge in a golden thread, then sew along all the pocket sides together. Repeat with the C pieces. 
Before you sew on the last piece, also pin into place piece H, the transparent plastic rectangle. Then sew everything together. 

Step 5: Velcro-ing the Coin Pocket

Take piece I, the coin pocket piece, and fold the hems like in picture 1, 1cm down. The, fold this a further 3cm down. Crease the folds thoroughly. Unfold. Using this as a guide to how much space you have for the "hook" velcro, place and sew. Fold everything again, then sew under the bottom of the velcro. 

Step 6: Outside of the Wallet

Take piece B and pin back 1cm along the pocket curve, to create a hem. Sew. Then take piece F, the small inside pocket. Sew the hem along the top. Pin F to piece E, making sure that everything will fit together well. Then pin piece E to piece B, behind the gap, and therefore filling it. Sew the two pieces together at the top. If you are looking for a functional pocket, sew along the side and bottom as well, but with tiny stitches. For extra decoration, sew a long straight line, a few cm from the middle, that curves and meets with the middle. Kind of like the stitching next to a pocket. 
(The denim looks different coloured because of the lighting...sorry)

Step 7: Finishing the Outside

Take the "loop" part of the velcro and put into place, above the pocket. Sew, using black thread. 
Take the coin pocket, piece I, and pin into place as shown in pic 3. It should be opposite the pocket. Make sure to pin it 1cm from the edge, to allow for the seam. Tuck the edges under 1cm, and sew. 
Fold the whole thing together, right sides together. Pin and sew 1cm from the edge, leaving a gap. Trim, turn inside out and sew up the gap using a slip stitch. 

Step 8: The Inside of the Wallet

Returning to piece A, the piece with all the card pockets. Fold that in half too, right sides together. Pin and sew 1cm from the edge, again leaving a gap. This time, make sure the gap is at least 10cm long. Trim, turn inside out. 
The hard plastic makes an appearance! Trim the corners to make them round. Then, fold the plastic in half. Press hard to make a strong crease. To reinforce the crease, I used a craft knife to lightly score along the middle. 
Insert the plastic, through the gap. Make sure the the fold is pointing the right way! You don't want you wallet to fold the wrong way. Slipstitch the gap close. 

Step 9: Sew It All Together

Put the two pieces, A and B together. Slipstitch the bottom together. Take it slow, you don't want to catch on the outside fabrics, showing the stitching. Slipstich the two sides together, too. With the side with the coin pockets, slipstitch piece A with piece I, the flap of the coin pocket. 
Finally, take the only piece of fabric left. Piece G! Fold it into three lengthwise. Use the golden thread to stitch and hold the fabric in a strip. Two rows of stitching should do it. Slipstitch the strip onto the flap of the coin pocket. Then, you're done!

Step 10: Tada!

All that's left to do is to 
a) give it to your giftee
b) put in your money and cards
Take lots of photos and be proud of your work. :) 

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    I think I'm missing something purposely made it look like you were recycling a pair of jeans into a wallet....Is there a reason why you DIDN'T recycle a pair of jeans into a wallet???


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The fabric used was from the leg of one of my old jeans, so I did in fact recycle.


    8 years ago

    best jean wallet that i have seen so far


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love the way the finished product looks. Handsewing is the best. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :D I, too, prefer hand sewing. I definitely get more control that way. Unfortunately though, I'm restricted to the scale of projects I can do because I can only hand sew ):