Introduction: Jedi Gym Bob

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I've seen some different workouts online that involve a Jedi Training Regime.  I figured that if someone were to make their own at-home Jedi training facility - Bob would be a great addition.

If you were a Jedi and you were in close-range combat with a group of Stormtroopers and one happened to blast your light saber out of your hands, you would need to sock in him the chest to throw him off balance, steal his blaster and kill the rest of the posse.  Therefore, you need to practice on a Stormtrooper!  Right?  Haha.

Bob is a punching bag with a body.  (Body Opponent Bag) Well, torso.  My husband got him while he was into Mixed Martial Arts and he totally sculpted his arms just by boxing, punching, etc.  My philosophy is that: I punch a lot, my arms will be in better shape also!  I saw what it did for him and I would love the same results.  Of course, I had to do some online training....See video below.  He knows what he is talking about.  Plus, he has a hot voice.

And this is what some boys do with their Bobs!!  Well, here is just one.  :)  You can find many more on youtube.  

Step 1: Why? How?

I got the idea from staring at our Bob, in our bedroom, next to the bed...dressed up in a lot of clothes and a Stormtrooper Helmet.  I figured that he was already trying to be a Stormtrooper, so why not undress him and take him the rest of the way?

I had to strip him of all the crap that he's been wearing for the last year.  Time to put Bob back in action!  

Step 2: Gloves

This is not needed, but I ordered some Hot Pink Boxing Gloves from Walmart to help motivate me to keep in shape.  I love colors, I love pink and if things excite me, they hold my attention.  I may even put rhinestones on them!

If you don't have any boxing gloves, try to find a cheap pair, or make your own out of a pair of snow gloves that have just a thumb and the group of fingers, like a mit.  You can sew some extra padding onto the glove if you'd like.  Find the gloves online or at thrift stores.  :)

Step 3: The Shirt

I got this muscle shirt at Walmart on sale for $3.77.  Great price!  It's a size MEDIUM, in case you guys are trying to dress your Bobs.  What you will need for this - sharpies, black markers, one crappy one, some fresh ones.  You don't need a whole lot of ink, but playing with the quality of markers will provide different details in your drawing.

New sharpies will give you bold and crisp lines.  Old, worn out and frayed sharpies will be great for shading and blurring things.  That's how I did it.

Start with putting the shirt on your Bob, to make sure that it fits and to see where the torso ends and where to start your drawing.

Step 4: Drawing!

Start with the utility belt thing.  Draw the lines, make the squares, rectangles and do some outlining and shading as desired.  

Big tip:  Just think of this as SHAPES, you're just making shapes.  It's totally easy if you think of it that way.  And I'm not an artist, so don't take my word for it.  ;)

You have the belt made, and now you need to make the chest plate look like it's ... popping up?  Kinda.  Draw your outline of that portion, with the crappy marker and shade in the line gradually.  Then take a new sharpie and outline above your shading line, to give the clean, crisp edge.

Once that part is done, you can go above it and make the divot area in the middle chest.  (I was just going by a google image).  After your chest area is done, go back down below it, above the belt.  Draw in your vertical lines with the crappy marker and leave them shady.  If you darken them, the design will look one-dimensional.

Next, add shapes or gadgets where desired in the mid-riff section and you have put the final touches on your Stormtrooper shirt!

Step 5: Completed Shirt

This Stormtrooper shirt can even be good for yourself to wear, or a low budget costume.  You don't have to put it on Bob, but it's just one thing you can do with it.  :)

Step back, congratulate yourself!!  You made something iconic that kinda looks like the real thing! WooHoo! is up to you if you'd like to do the back side.  But I don't punch Bob backwards, so I kept it simple.  :)

Step 6: Clothe Him

Put the shirt back on him, it may be difficult because his skin catches on the fabric, but it will go back on, I promise.  :D

Great fit!  Now, if you have safety pins, you can gather the bottom excess fabric and pin it in the back, under the torso for a cleaner look.  I couldn't find any.

Another option, if you don't have a helmet for him - you can make a fabric face, just like the shirt.  Put some batting around his head and sew it onto him, or safety pin it really well, in the back.  Then draw out the face on some more white fabric and sew it onto Bob's head, then you will have a punchable Bob face!  

Step 7: Masking

The final touch is to put that helmet together and put it right over his head.  It fits perfectly and it gives a great finishing touch.  If you are going to practice punching the head, I suggest that you make the fabric face (previous step), and you won't have to worry about hurting your Stormtrooper too much.  For ours, I will just take the mask off, while in use, and put it back on, for decoration.

My husband has always wanted a full-sized Stormtrooper...well..we are now a tiny bit closer to having one.  haha.  

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