Introduction: Jedi's Earbud Holder

Hello. This creation was inspired by the immortal saga of the Jedi.
With it, simply use the "force" that exists within you to have the earbud in your hands.


Step 1: Operation

The operation is very simple:
When approaching the ultrasonic sensor, it will take measurements and see if there's something close. Confirmed the presence of a nearby object, the Arduino sends a command to the servo move the rod and lift the earbud. Wait five seconds and then drops the rod.
Just train a bit to get the hang.
After all, any Jedi has gone through a training. Why would it be different with you?

Step 2: Materials:

-  1 ultrasonic sensor
-  1 Arduino ( programed )
-  1 USB cable for power circuit
-  1 standard servo
-  1  arm for servo
-  1 piece of wire for linking
-  Wires for connections
-  A piece of balsa wood, 2mm thick ( 10 x 10 cm)
-  pieces of cardboard
-  6 screws, 12 washers and 6 nuts (I used what I had at home)
- a earbud and a player ( i used my ipod shuffle)
-  Parts Schematic
-  Awl, Glue, scissors, knife, ruler, ink, etc..

Step 3: Schematic of the Arm

Step 4: Assembling

Cut and assemble the pieces as pictures.
OBs.: I used a cardboard 0.4cm thick it was what I had at the time. Therefore, each piece was made with two pieces of cardboard, leaving them with 0.8cm thick.

In the main stem of the articulated arm, put a servo standard that makes the linking arm through a piece of metal. This shaft was reinforced with a piece of cardboard between them to sustain, as the figure.

Below is a video of the movement of the rod:

Step 5: Detachable Stand

Cut the balsa wood as the figure, assemble and fit into the mechanical arm.
Obs: The rubber I got picked out of a reader's old CDs

Step 6: Mounting Base

Cut and paste the parts as in figures.

Step 7: Connecting the Arduino

The idea was to make a software that allows you to control the rod up and down with hand movement.
I'm still working on this software. However, there would be time to put this invention before the deadline.
Ideas and criticisms are always welcome.

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