Introduction: Jeep Replacement Mirrors - When Running With Doors Off

There are days where it's simply impossible to keep the doors on a Jeep Wrangler.  But the stock doors have the side view mirrors attached to them, so when you run with the doors off, you've got some serious blind spots.  It's also illegal in most states to not have an external side view mirror.

You can buy kits to relocate mirrors, but then you've got to switch back and forth or have mirrors that you can't see when the doors are on. 

I devised some easily removable mirrors that do the trick for me on the days when I'm running sans doors.

Please note:  I cannot guarantee that these mirrors would be 'street legal' and prevent you from being ticketed for not having sufficient mirrors. 

Step 1: Materials

Black electrical tape
Kitchen Sponge
Mirror (purchased at Wal-Mart - this one was $2.60.  Be careful not to get one that is too convex or everything will appear too far away.  You could use a flat mirror as well here)
Metal Straps - these are typically used in deck building.  Very cheap at any hardware store

A pair of scissors is helpful as well.

Step 2: Bend One Metal Strap to Fit

The little speakers that pop up out of the dash don't provide that great of sound, but they are sturdy and will allow us to wedge in the finished product.

Bend the strap to make a 'Z' that should fit loosely in the space between the window pillar and the speaker.

Step 3: Bend the Second Strap

Bend the second strap to match just two of the segments of the first strap.

This gives plenty of surface area to tape the straps together and makes the structure more solid.

Step 4: Tape Together Just in the Middle Section, Then Cut the Sponge to Fit.

Tape the straps together in the middle, then cut the sponge to fit.  The sponge should mostly fill this middle section.  It will provide filler to wedge the straps in to the space between the pillar and the speaker.  By using the sponge material as the wedge, you decrease the pressure on the speaker and prevent any damage to your sound system.

Step 5: Confirm Everything Fits

Before going further, 'dry fit' the sponge section in between the window pillar and the speaker.  Bend the straps to the shape you will desire eventually, paying most attention to the part behind the speaker.  It should fit to the ridge seen in the picture if at all possible, which will keep the straps from moving around in the wind.

Step 6: Attach the Mirror to the Strap Using the Adhesive Backing and Install

These mirrors come with adhesive backing of it's own.  I cut the backing to fit just the strap, so when I only remove the backing where the strap will his.  This keeps the rest of the backing from picking up debris and otherwise looking dirty.

Once this is done, adjust the mirror as necessary and have fun!

Important note:  As mentioned, a convex mirror makes things look farther away than reality.  A car that looks far enough behind for you to move over to their lane is likely RIGHT behind you if you are using a convex mirror.   Get comfortable with judging distances before you rely on this for changing lanes.