Introduction: Jeep Wrangler Front LED Lightbar W/ No Bumper Mod Required

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Jeep Wranglers are almost quintessential when it comes to off-roading; they create an adventurous identity with its rugged look and build quality. They can not only tread any terrain from paved roads to steep rocky paths, but also utilize lights for any nighttime occasion. Many drivers would agree however, that Jeep Wranglers are lacking in the quantity of lights available. Auxiliary LED lights are commonplace for Jeep Wranglers, but installing them comes at a hefty price. Because there isn’t a lot of space to install an LED light bar in front of the grille, many owners pay a premium to upgrade their bumper or install a bullbar. We at have come up with a cheaper, simpler solution to installing an LED light bar, designing a mounting bracket that is nonintrusive. With our LED light bar fitted for 2007-2017 Jeep Wranglers, we eliminate the need for modifying and extra bumper costs.

Here, we will show you how to easily install your new Jeep Wrangler LED light bar. We also attached this PDF installation guide so you can download it.

Step 1: Choose to Mount on the Top or Bottom of the Grille. the Brackets Will Need to Point Up and Down, Respectively.

Step 2: Use a Pair of Pliers to Remove the Plastic Fasteners on Both Sides of the Grille.

Step 3: Bolt the Brackets Through the Inner Holes Onto the Slat. Reach Behind the Grille Frame to Access the Back of the Slat So You Can Fasten the Nut Through the Bolts. Make Sure the Brackets Are Curving Towards the Center of the Grille.

Step 4: Clip the Plastic Fasteners Into the Outer Holes of the Mounting Brackets for the Light Bar.

Step 5: Secure the LED Light Bar Using a Nut and Bolt Combo on Both Sides.

Step 6: Wire the LED Light Bar Either Into an Existing Harness or Run a Relay Harness for It. Test to Make Sure It Lights Properly.

Step 7: Enjoy Your All New No Modification Required Jeep Wrangler 20" LED Light Bar

As you can see, similar to our other offroad truck lighting bracket, this specially designed mounting bracket system for the Jeep Wrangler LED light bar does not require any bumper modification nor adding a bullbar and therefore, saves you money. With its simple design that promotes easy installation, you can enjoy a clean off-road looking that does not get in the way of your Jeep Wrangler’s natural, rugged look.