Introduction: Jeep Heart and Harley Soul...

So you like your jeep wrangler on the bright sunny days with the top and doors off, but you'd love to ride it feet forward like a Harley? Here's how I did it on mine. 

Note the ubiquitous disclaimer: You are responsible for how you use and interpret this information. This is simply a demo of how I accomplished something on my own vehicle. I'm not responsible for what you do with yours. 

That aside, here we go!

Step 1: The Materials...

For each side, you need the following:

* One Bicycle peg
* One 5/16-18 x 2" Grade 8 bolt.
* One 5/16 Grade 8 flat washer
* One 5/16 Grade 8 split washer

Step 2: Remove One of the Hinge Bolts...

Use an applicable torx bit and a ratchet to remove one of the hinge bolts. I removed the lower one, but I suppose you could do the same with the upper one.

Step 3: Put the Bolt Together...

Pretty much standard bolt configuration. Slide the split washer on the bolt, then slide the flat washer on.

Step 4: Bolt the Peg Onto the Side of the Jeep...

Use a ratchet, extension, and 5/16 socket to tighten the bolt down. When you are comfortable with how tight it is, your done.

Step 5: Future Steps...

Yeah, works good. But v2 will be better. My future steps with this will include:

1. An abrasive coating to keep my foot from slipping as bad. 
2. Weld the peg onto the hinge bracket, then bolt it back on. This will ensure that not only will the peg not come loose, but that it won't fall off from one bolt coming loose either. 
3. Weld a plate on the side of the peg to keep my foot from sliding off sideways. 

As you can see from the picture below, it doesn't extend much past the tires. 

It's pretty fun cruising down the highway with this. Enjoy!