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Introduction: Jello Shot Mocktail

Why should the boozing folks have all the flavored fun?  Here are some Jello shot ideas for the Designated Driver in your group.  Because unusual flavors make things more fun!

The baking pans made for miniature cupcakes, with the paper liners, make excellent molds for gelatin shots (cocktail or mocktail version).  The paper liners make it easy to form and serve the Jello shots, and they allow you to remove and handle the gelatin without having to touch the gelatin itself

Step 1: Version 1: Based on Flavored Sweetened Gelatin Mix.

The first way to make Mocktail Jello Shots is to start with a flavored gelatin mix.  I made two recipes based on pre-flavored gelatin.  One was based on two pre-flavored mixed together: lemon flavor and lime flavor; simply mix the power together and then continue according to the box directions.  The other was based on cherry flavored gelatin and included added flavors.

I prefer my Jello shots to be a little bit more dense than a gelatin mixed for use as a dessert dish.  This is particularly true if I'm including flavorings in addition to plain water.  Mixing it with about 3/4 of the liquid seems to be a pretty good balance between having a more durable texture but not being chewy.

Flavored syrups, like the kind used in flavored coffee drinks and Italian soda, make for good flavor enhancers. 

I mixed cherry flavored mix according to the box directions but replaced about half of the cold water with vanilla-flavored syrup.

Step 2: Starting With Unflavored Gelatin

Starting with unflavored gelatin gives you even more possibilities for flavored gelatin shots. 

I made gelatin shots with the same flavor as a Shirley Temple cocktail (the original mocktail!).

Instead of cold water, use ginger ale that has been stirred until the carbonation had outgassed.  Then add a couple of tablespoons of grenadine syrup to taste.

Step 3: Presentation

In addition to the gelatin itself, in its paper wrapper, you can also add garnishes or toppings to the gelatin mocktails.

Whipped topping (real whipped cream or fake), hot sauce, sprinkles, mints... any of these can be used.  Try some recipes out and see what works!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, just thought Id share this...The kind I use in my bar that everyone absolutely LOVED was to take one sm. pkg (3oz)of say strawberry jello (any flavor can be used but strawberry is best) Also, you can use any size jello just remember to use half water and half hard booze. Some use all vodka but it tastes better if you use half peach schnapps. Normally you would use 2 cups of water to make the jello. We will be using half water and half booze. Heat up one cup of water and stir til jello is dissolved. The second cup will be a combo (1/2 C. each) of peach schnapps and vodka. Mix the booze with jello mix and pour into the 1-oz plastic cups with lids. Paper will work on a pinch but it tends to fall apart after a bit. Fridge til firm. Yum...


    11 years ago on Step 2

    you can also put a balloon over the neck of a ginger ale bottle and shake it to remove the carbonation.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Why not use unflavored gelatin so you can taste the grenadine and the ginger ale and have better control over the flavor?  I like the use of miniature muffin/cupcake pans.  You could get quite the system going there, and it's never too early to start teaching kids how to take a shot.  ;-)

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I did start with unflavored gelatin for the Shirley Temple jello shot.  The next time, I may try heating up some ginger ale as well as using flat cold ginger ale, to try and get a stronger flavor, though.  Although there's something to be said for jello that has some subtlety to the flavor rather than the flavored box stuff which can be a bit aggressive in its flavoring. :)