Introduction: Jellyfish

An awesome jellyfish prop!

Step 1: Find Materials

Semi-circle of styrofoam, pink paint, pink streamers, hot glue, googly eyes

Step 2: Paint Jellyfish

Paint the jellyfish with pink paint.

Step 3: Dry

Let it air dry or put it in front of a fan

Step 4: Add Streamers

Add the pink streamers on the bottom of the semi-circle these will be the tentacles and should be hot-glued on.

Step 5: So Far

Right now the jellyfish should look like this.

Step 6: Add Googly Eyes

Hot glue googly eyes on to the jellyfish

Step 7: Add the Leash

Shove a bent part of a clothes hanger into the top of the jellyfish. Insert the string around the part of the hanger that is still outside of the jellyfish and tie it in an adjustable slip knot

Step 8: You Are Done

It should look like this!!!