Introduction: Jellyfish From Waste Bottles.

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Plastic is the biggest waste which we produce annually, reusing and reducing this waste is very difficult so I always aim to reuse that waste specially plastic bottles.
Here is one more use of plastic bottles.
Why we always prefer to grow our plants in against of gravity, why not towards gravity...............
Think........ Why not.
In this instructables I will grow plants in different way........
Lets start.


1) Bottle.
2) Cutter / scissor.
3) Golden paint.
4) Paint brush.
5) Colorful papers.
6) Binding wire.
7) Pliers.
8) Thread.
9) Compass (pointed thing).
10) Glue.

Step 1: Cutting.

1) Peel the cover.
2) Cut the bottom part of the bottle.

Step 2: Hook It.

1) Cut the wire in pieces
2) Using a pointed object make 2 holes in the base.
3) Put the wire piece in the holes.
4) Now tie it properly using pliers.

Step 3: Make the Curve.

1) use a lighter to heat up the boundaries of the bottle base.
2) Do it along the base.
3) You will observe that they will bend in.

Step 4: Painting & Decorating.

1) Take different colored papers and cut them into small pieces for decoration.
2) Now paint the base with golden color.
3) Put the cuttings on it before it get dry.
4) Now let it dry and after it put one coat of glue on it.

Step 5: Planting.

1) After it get dry fill it with soli.
2) Now it is ready to plant your fovourite plant or any other like silver grass or you can plant aloe vera, bent grass etc in it.

Step 6: Hanging.

Pass the tread through the hook ond now hang it, you can hang it using nails or on a wooden stick, on a dry tree, on the railing in the gallery, any where you want to.................

Step 7: Done........

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