Jengo Fett Faceshield

Introduction: Jengo Fett Faceshield

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Step 1: Easy to Make. I Made This in a Few Hours

Easy to make
Cover the outside of the clear shield with painters tape. Be sure to overlap the tape so the entire shield is covered
Find the center of the shield and mark it just for reference.. I put my shield on and figured out where my eyes were then marked the shield .
So now I know how much of an area I will need to see out of.
Sketch the opening of the shield and remove the excess tape. The tape that remains on the shield is the area you will be seeing out of.

Carefully using scotch bride or fine gris sand paper scuff the area not taped. When finished apply a coat of blue paint and let it dry. Apply second coat then sketch out where the grey area will be. Cut peice of paper the shape of the grey area, . put it in place and see how it looks. When satisfied mark it with left or right depending which side it will b . Now flip it over and trace it and cut it out this will give you the template for the other side
Now take another piece of paper.trace the bottom of the shield then mark where the bottom of the grey area template will go. Lay the two templates in place then trace them and cut out the area shaped like an arch So youre now going to cut a negative of the two stencils you just made
Your going to make a stencil that when in place and painted will give you the gray areas on your shield don't rush. Make sure you put something on the stencil to hold it in place like some small nuts or bolts . you want to make sure the paint don't go under the stencil while painting . hit it with a coulpe shots of gray paint and remove the paper carefully. So you don't smear the paint. When dry outline area with a back sharpie .

The rangefinder I just fabricated out of sheet metal .I practiced by making a template of paper first then used sheet metal and painted it.

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