Introduction: Jennifer's Display Cage W/Removable Divider

Here is a flight cage with a couple variations of the Lady Gouldian Cage. This one is 30" tall, 20" deep, and 45" long. It features a removable divider, two slide out drawers w/removable stainless steel screen covers, 20" legs w/casters, stainless steel screen and acrylic on the panels, and painted with ECOS paint specifically made for bird cages.

Step 1: Assembly of the Base, Legs, and Skirting

(Picture 1) Find the bottom piece and turn it over. It is marked where the front, sides and back edges are.

(2) Locate each leg that corresponds with the numbered corner it attaches to. These just screw into the holes.

(3) Tighten each leg fully, making sure the little hole next to the caster is pointing to the outside of the corner.

(4) Get the skirting pieces together and place them between the legs as shown. They are marked which edge they go to.

(5) Use the trim guide to make sure the skirting lines up with the predrilled holes in the legs and base. Use 1" screws to attach to the base and 1 5/8" screws to attach to the legs.

(6) Now you can turn the base over to attach the cage.

Step 2: Assembly of the Cage

Before assembling the panels to the cage, you must attach the plexiglass to each panel. Use the small black panhead screws. There are two special black screws that go into Panel "A" in the middle to make room for the divider mount. Each acrylic piece is labeled where it goes; tape is on the side that faces inside the cage. You need to peel the protective film off of both sides and match up the screw holes.

(Picture 1 and 2) Find Panel "A" and attach it to the back of the cage. Use 2" screws coming from underneath the base into the panel and tighten. Do the same for Panel "B" (right side of the cage, clockwise from panel "A"), and again for Panel "C" (left side of the cage)

(3) Use 1 5/8" screws to attach Panels "B" and "C" to Panel "A" in the predrilled holes in the side bars as shown.

(4) The divider mount is shown how it sits. The back edge is marked. There are two 2" screws that come from underneath into the mount. Slightly tighten this because you might have to adjust just a little to make sure the drawers slide equally.

(5) Here's how it should fit. You can also adjust the side panels slightly if you need to make sure the drawers with the screen covers slide easily. Then tighten everything back up.

(6 and 7) The removable divider sits on the mount as shown and uses a front and back peg to hold it into place. For now, you can insert the back until you attach Panel "D" (the front).

(8) There are two plastic pieces marked "spacers" that you set on top of the drawers before placing Panel "D" on them.

(9) Use 1 5/8" screws (three on each side) coming from the side panels into Panel "D". Make sure the spacers can be removed easily to create the space for the drawers to slide out easily. Then you can insert the front peg of the divider into Panel "D"

(10) The top simply slips over the panels and is secured by the screws marked for the top. (1 1/4" screws with the points cut off)

That's it!! You can remove the divider by removing the pegs, lifting off of the mount, and sliding it out of the front doors. Tight fit, but tilt it through the opening created by both doors being open all the way.