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Jerald is a post apocalyptic goose that i made last year as a school project, he is made of scap found from my grandparents farm including and metal wire, pistons, and other things that i can not identify. his size is based off of an average sized male goose

my inspiration for Gerald was my love for geese ask me why i cant ask they i just find them cool

hope you like him

Goose Cadillac


Metal wire, Pistons, Unidentified vehicle parts, plastic tubing lights and horse shoes.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Jerald - he looks great. Would love to see some more images and steps on how you built him so that we can try too :)

    Goose Cadillac
    Goose Cadillac

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi thanks for the comment ill try and see if i can get my origanle plans as i dont renemebr much of building him since it was year year ago now.