Introduction: Jerrycan Mount With Parts Bought From a Hardware Store.

I needed a way to mount my Jerrycan to my Jeep for once in a while trips. I simply bought a Front Runner jerrycan holder from a 4x4 store and some brackets along with nuts & bolts and some big washers.

Step 1: The Parts You Need.

Front Runner Jerrycan Holder - I got this from a 4x4 store.

Nuts & Bolts - I used M8 bolts, you can go bigger if you want but the bolts in the Jeep's tailgate is also 8mm so I wont really make a difference if you had to use M10 bolts.

Washers - I used the biggest 8mm washers I could find to allow for maximum surface when clamping them together.
General purpose shelving brackets. - I got the brackets from the shelving department at a hardware store. Their plate thickness are 4mm and 40mm wide. They fit perfectly into the tail gate hinge channel.
The corner angles that attach to the bracket are only 2mm thick so I doubled up to make them 4mm.

When bolting them together be sure you do it as displayed in the images so that they can't pivot.

Step 2: Attach the Bracket to the Front Runner Jerrycan Holder.

Before start drilling any holes, be sure to take some measurements between the top and bottom bolts of the tailgate.
You also need to be sure that the Jerrycan holder will not be too close or too far away from the tire if you want to strap it against the tire for extra security.

In the picture you will see that there are two holes, I drilled them without checking and it caused the Jerrycan holder to be too far away and had to drill two more holes. If I upgrade my tires to bigger ones then hopefully they will be usable.

Step 3: Putting It All Together.

There is not much to say here. So simply bolt everything together and mount it to your Jeep.

Notes - Don't over tighten the two factory bolts that attach the L brackets to the Jeep, If you do they will strip and you will have a bit of a disaster on your hands.

Some mistakes I made - The L bracket that attach to the Jeep is too long (I'm referring to the bit part that points to you when standing behind the Jeep) You should mount it as close to the Jeep as possible to reduce leverage. It would have also prevented it from bumping against the tail light when opening the tail gate wide open. Not no too close so that it can rub against the paintwork. I should have also bought longer brackets that attach to the Jerrycan holder so that it can be mounted with 2 bolts at the top and two bolts at the bottom.

Watch the youtube video to get a better idea.