Introduction: Jesse Yarn Wig Tutorial

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Jesse from Toy Story two is a much beloved badass Disney character! Here is how I used Yarn and felt to create my own Jesse wig from scratch so you can enjoy this yourself or your kids can have the best Halloween costume on the block!


Red felt

Hot Glue

Red Yarn

Pins (For pre-gluing)

Wig Head (or something to set the wig upon)

Step 1: Step 1: Pattern the Wig Cap

Make a pattern of your head.To do this first use paper.

Cut one strip of paper that covers from your hair line, straight over the top of your head to the nape of your neck. Set that strip to the side.


Cut a half circle of paper that covers the nape of your neck and back of head from ear to ear, it should look like a really wide smile.


Cut two identical half circles that measure in width from where the strip over the top of the head ends to cover the side of the head to your ear. Don't be afraid to have a little wiggle room. It's always easier to take away then add fabric later on.

After double-checking the pattern will cover your head trace pattern onto red felt to act as wig base.

Step 2: Step Two: Cut and Place the Felt

Using pins or tape as I did here put the pieces of felt together on your wig head and figure out the best positioning for the felt.Make sure everything touches and the head is covered nicely. Again too big is fixable, too small is harder.

Step 3: Step Three: Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself

Once all the pieces of felt are pinned/taped together turn over in a bowl or other similar container and check from the inside that the felt fits together nicely. Make adjustments as needed.

Step 4: Step Four: Glue

Use hot glue to adhere all the pieces together along the "seams". It should come together to kind of look like a funky baseball hat at this point.

Note: If you prefer to sew the felt feel free, I just went for speed and ease by using hot glue. I have not had any trouble with the wig thus far put together in this way. But of course it is all up to personal preference.

Step 5: Step Five: the Hair

Begin to glue the yarn to the wig cap.To create Jesse's middle part I started in the middle of her head and looped pieces of yarn around to the back. The first few strands I let hang a bit from the yard edge.

I started far apart to give myself a bit of framework of how long to make pieces and to see how they were going to fall.

Note: This is only to cover the felt and give the appearance of hair pulled back. This is not the braid.

The braid should be made separately. To do the braid I took two feet long strands of yarn and made as thick a braid as I felt appropriate. In the next step I will tell you how to adhere the braid.

For now just keep attaching the yarn pieces for about four or five inches up the wig head on either side of the "natural part".

Step 6: Step Six: Attach the Braid

Okay here is where it begins to get tricky.

After you covered about half of the felt base from the bottom up it’s time to attach the braid.

First to make the braid take pieces of two foot long yarn and create a simple braid.

Take one end of the braid to be used for the attachment to the wig base. The other end tie off with a rubber band to keep the braid together.

Then splay the yarn out in a circular fan shape against the back of the wig cap and glue the pieces to the base, integrating the bottom half with the yarn already on the felt. The pieces of yarn can slot in the pieces of the yarn already glued to the wig cap.

For no focus on only half of the yarn, gluing it to the bottom of the wig cap.The upper half will go up and be covered after the first half of the braid is glued in place.

Make sure each and every strand is glued down. This will be time consuming and having a helping hand to hold the weight of the braid might be needed. Once the bottom half is glued on you can either move on straight to gluing the top half (parts of the top will be directly glued on top the felt cap as we finish the hair on the top of the head next)

Note: You can either wait for the bottom half of the glue braid to dry before moving on (recommended if no one is around to be a helping hand with the braid) or just keep going.

Step 7: Final Step: Finish the Top of the Wig

Continue to cover the rest of the felt cap as you had before. When near the strands of yarn from gluing on the braid go ahead and put the new yarn over it, this helps the braid look more natural.

Before declaring your victory make sure all felt is covered and braid is firmly glue to the base. Make any adjustments as needed then...

Congratulations you have your own yarn Jesse Wig!

For wearing this wig I found I only needed two bobby pins to keep in place on either side of my head. The long bit in the back falls naturally with the weight of the braid and as you can see it all looks great!