Introduction: Jesse Vs. the Champagne Round 2

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In this installment of Bottle Battles - Round 4 Jesse returns to successfully saber the champagne bottle (only three days after receiving five stitches after Round 2 (Jesse vs. The Champagne)). This will hence-forth be known as the Vin-dication Video. Notice how he is a bit gun-shy on his first strike and then looks at his right arm afterward to make sure he hasn't gotten any more shrapnel!

Keys to this operation include -

1.) Making sure you have a bottle with an actual cork natch, and that it has been chilled. The cooling will decrease the internal pressure.

2.) Finding the seam on the edge of the bottle neck and running the back edge of the blade (the dull side) directly along that seam (perpendicular to it) during your strike.

3.) Hitting the glass lip squarely, but without a ton of force.

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