Introduction: Jet Skateboard

As is known to all, skateboarding is a popular sport among young people. Skateboard, as an extension of surfing on the land, brings a lot of joy to people. In addition, skateboard also appears in many cartoons. My inspiration comes from the jet powered skateboard which has a sense of technology. I think this design will greatly improve its mobility.



Step 1: 1. Skateboard Plate

In order to enable the skateboard to withstand the impact force at high speed, the skateboard body will be made of carbon brazing dimension. Besides, the streamlined arc and single warp at the front of the skateboard will reduce the resistance of the skateboard during driving, and the thickened skateboard body will make the skateboard more solid.

Step 2: 2. Front Wheel

The whole structure of the front wheel USES many arc structures, which can greatly reduce the resistance of the skateboard and make the skateboard run more smoothly.

Step 3: 3. Manufacture of Rear Wheel and Propeller

The rear wheels are thickened and filled with small bottles of nitrogen to achieve faster speeds and less weight, while the larger vents allow the skateboard to achieve faster speeds in a short time.

Step 4: 4. Other Accessories and Non-slip Pads

Single warped accessories in order to increase the single warped degree of firmness and fire resistance, non-slip pad with a more rough material, so that users in the skateboard can be more stable standing on it.

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