Introduction: Jet Soldier (Tinkercad Mashup Contest)

So guys, this is my first time participating for a contest. For this one, I will present my own work, the Jet Soldier (sorry I ran out of cheesy epic names). I made this piece for the Mashup category, because it has few to none functional purposes except for being an aesthetic piece and the result of merging the aspects of an aircraft and a humanoid robot. Let's dig in on how I made this thing


-a computer

- internet (duh!)

-a mouse


-tinkercad membership

-awesome tunes to listen, like this one for example

Step 1: Inspiration

it wasn't that stormy of a night, I was surfing on this cool old thing called the information highway, or the internet. I remembered this thing called Aeromorph, they're like furries but with airplanes instead of animals and way weirder. I asked myself a question, "hmmm, how do I make them more awesome?"

on a second note, I'm concerned about the reception I will receive for taking this as an inspiration

Don't plainly search aeromorphs on google images if feeling weird isn't your thing

Step 2: Inspiration Part 2

Seeing these planes with wacky proportions made me remember another thing, the Valkyrie Battroids from Super-dimensional Fortress Macross (and Transformers, but I'm not that basic of a wimp to include that as my inspiration instead). Both Valkyries and Aeromorphs have something common in their design, that being putting aircraft elements on humanoid bodies. But somehow, the Valkyries look more pleasing... maybe because, their robotic humanoid bodies flow well with the aircraft elements? Bingo, maybe Aeromorph artists can learn a thing or two from these robots.

Step 3: It's Showtime

time to let my hands roam free around Tinkercad's workbench

Step 4: The Process

Then I started the modelling process, the figure mostly consists of beveled cylinders, smoothed blocks, parabolas and spheres. For the details, I use some sort of a trick with the negative shapes, it's a bit hard to explain how I did though. But those are some of the process I went through with this model.

Step 5: Time

It took me two days to finish it, but if I had enough motivation and time, I would've tackled this in a day.

Step 6: Exhibit A

This is how the model looks when exported as STL and viewed in Window's 3d Print viewer program ( Still uncertain on whether or not I should 3d print this thing)

Step 7: Exhibit B

This is the figure's rear view

over all, I'm kinda pleased with the results even though there are some design elements that look off like the leg thrusters

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