Introduction: Jet Stream Paper Airplane

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This is not your ordinary paper airplane... this one has jets!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1 - One piece of card-stock paper (airplane)
2 - Two bubble wands (jets)
3 - Bubble juice (jet fuel)
4 - Tape (uh... tape)
5 - Coin (counter balance)
6 - Pen (decorator)

Step 2: Fold Airplane

Pick any style of paper airplane you like and make it. There are thousands of tutorials on youtube for paper airplanes if you need help on this step.

Step 3: Bend Wands

Bend the wands to create a surface to tape to the airplane wings.

Step 4: Tape Wands to Wings

Tape the wands in the center of the back of the winds of the airplane. Make sure the wands are an exact mirror of each other or else the plane will be off balance.

Step 5: Attach Counterweight Coin

Attach a coin to the front of the airplane using tape. Test the placement of the counterweight by moving the coin from front to back. It may also be helpful to try different sized coins. After a few tests I found that using a quarter almost at the very front of the plane balanced the airplane the best for me.

Step 6: Dip Wands

Dip the wands into the bubble juice. Make sure to not get the wings wet or else the airplane with will not fly very well.

Step 7: Let It Fly

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