Introduction: Jewellery Hanger

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A simple jewellery hanger made from some draw knobs and a fake draw front.

You will need:

Piece of wood about 10"x3" or an old draw front

Three draw knobs

White paint


Tools Used:

Saw to cut the wood

Router and bit to make the edge profile you would like

Drill and suitable sized bits

Sander and sandpaper

Dremel or Hacksaw

Router or non-slip mat

Step 1: Making the Draw Front

Cut your piece of wood to the desired size (mine was 10"x3")

Sand everything

Using a router, rout a profile around the edge (when routing small pieces I find the use of a router/non-slip mat handy)

Step 2: Drilling for Knobs

My knobs had a M4 bolt and nut as the means of fixing them, therefore you need to drill a 5mm hole all the way through the wood and then counter bore these holes to allow the nuts to sit in the recess and also allow room for a socket to tighten up the back nut.

Step 3: Paint Effect

Opps I forgot to take pictures of all the stages !

You need to paint your wood with the white paint and allow to dry.

Then lightly sand to give the appearance of age.

Coat the finished piece in varnish to protect it

Step 4: Final Assembly

Mount your knobs into the draw front and flush cut the bolts on the back (I used a dremel but a hacksaw would work)

Mount on the wall and enjoy.

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