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Introduction: Jewelry Stand

For my girlfriend`s birthday, i decided to made a jewelry stand for all her jewels (but it wasn`t enought).

I have to say that it wasn`t in my mind to make and instructable so i didn`t take photos of the process, but i will try to explain it in the better way so you could get it

Step 1: Prototype

the first thing i did it is to took old pieces of wood to get my prototype and decide the measures. i think that it is 15mm of thickness, whit all the cut pieces i made a quick sketch

Step 2: Assemble

Then i got the full idea of my project so only y have to assemble in the same way that the prototype, but before that i decorated it decopauge technique all the frames.

the first one that i done was the base frame, and then appart prepare the "body" frame when lately is going to be the divisions and sections

Step 3: Getting the Form

After i get the frames and decorated it, i get a long piece of black fabric and glued to the bottom of the body frame so in that way i could get a better looking of the bottom.

So them put the dividers and the section as the sketch from the top to the bottom, the first one it is in 18 centimeters, then 30 cm, again 18 cm, 12cm, and the two last ones from 10 cm.

In the from of each divider i put a kind of top so you can leave things.

Attached to the first and second divider there are a several amount of hook so you can hang your necklaces

Step 4: Earrings Frame

In inside the front door you have a frame with several stick where can be used to hang earrings

Step 5: Final Decoration and Filling Up

For the outside of the door it is decorated with an illustration of the "le pettit prince" handmade painted with acrylic.

And finally enjoy filling your jewelry stand :D

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    Haute Suite Pepper
    Haute Suite Pepper

    6 years ago

    I love this! Did you cut the wood yourself? Is the door an actual door or is it cut wood with hinges?


    6 years ago

    great gift! thanks for sharing