Introduction: Jig Holding a Jig...

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Lets get Jiggy with it. I jig holding a jig. :-/

Like all my projects this on is off the cuff, being made on the fly with material I have in the shop.

I cut a 4x2 in to three pices and glue together making a block and let the dry.

I then find some MDF for the base, and use my edge jointing jig to cut one straight edge, which I can then use that edge against the table saw fence to cut to size. There are no measurements so the length was what ever the piece of scrap was.

Find more scrap and lumber from around the shop to make the support arms of the jig, making sure the over all height is the same height when the pocket hole jig is sitting in place.

I now cut the pieces to make the draws, using the drop saw and the table saw, I use the table saw to also cut a small dado to hold the draw base. I do a dry fit to to make sure it fits basically I don't trust my measuring ability... :-/

I then glue the draws together, and wat for them to dry. I need to also put on a false front just to tidy it up a little and the put a couple of draw pulls.

And finally I screw in the pocket hole jig and test.