Introduction: Jigsaw Blade Knife

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If you have old Jigsaw blades lying around the place, then this is the one for you.


1. Jigsaw blade

2. Belt sander

3. Bench grinder

4. Small piece of 7mm plywood - 10mm x 60mm

5. Popsicle stick

6. Wood glue

7. Sand paper, 600grit

8. Fine metal file and/or sharpening stone

Step 1: Shaping

You first need to take the teeth off the blade and shape it. A belt sander or grinder is perfect for this.

Step 2: Sharpening the Blade

Now sharpen one end of the blade on the beltsander or grinder

Step 3: Making the Handle

Take your piece of wood and make a slit down the center, deep enough to hold about 2-3cm length of blade

Next take the popsicle stick and cut it in half, glue a piece to either side of the knife (and so covering the slit). Wait for this to dry.

Use the belt sander to level popsicle sticks and round the handle.

Then using a bit of sand paper of about 600 grit, sand the handle it to make it smooth.

Now sharpen your blade with a fine metal file and/or using a sharpening stone to your heart's content :)

Try paring an apple!

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