Introduction: Jigsaw Puzzle- Using Tinkercad

So, Guys in this Instructable I am going to show you how to make and 3d print a jigsaw puzzle using Tinkercad. So to start, Tinkercad is a simple software where you can make 3d designs and 3d print them if you have a 3d printer. This task might seem hard but its made easy with Tinkercad.

Step 1: Making the Base Shape

So, to make the base shape we should first assemble a square.

1. Change the height of the square into 4, and sides into 100.

2. Now take a heart or star (choose for yourself) and then change its height to 6 and then turn its dimensions to 90x90 and put it on top of the square.

3. Now group both the shapes and then turn their color into red.

4. now make 2 copies of them.

Congratulations!!! you have made the base shape for the puzzle.

Step 2: Make Piece for Cutting Jigsaw Pieces

So, now you need to:

1. Take a square, Make it a rectangle with 45x30 dimensions and height 6.

2. Now take a cylinder make its height 8 and now take two copies of both the square and the cylinder.

3. Take a cylinder put it inside the cylinder at the part where you want the hole to be and turn the solid cylinder into a hole cylinder and group both of them.

4. Now take the rectangle and the holed rectangle and make them touch each other.

5. Now take the cylinder and put it inside the hole and remove the holed rectangle and group the rectangle with cylinder.

6. Now check if both the pieces interlock with each other, if they do then you can continue to the next step

Step 3: Making the Pieces Part-1

1. Now turn the cutting pieces into holes and make more holes to cover the parts you want to cut out and do the same things for the next puzzle pieces too.

2. Remember to make the pieces in a way that they interlock with each other.

3. As you make pieces keep copying and pasting the original Base piece for cutting don't make any new Base piece.

4. After you made the second piece group the first and second pieces and make a copy.

5. Turn the copy into a hole and use it to cut out the next piece from the duplicated base piece.

Step 4: Making Pieces Part-2

1. All you have to do is, Do as you did earlier keep doing the same thing for the next pieces

2. Just reminding, Make sure the pieces interlock.

3. Just repeating what to do- Group every pieces you make and copy-paste the base shape and turn the grouped piece into a holed piece and make more holes to cut out the piece you want from the copied base piece.

4. Keep doing it until the 5th piece or more(if you are making more).

5. And if you made the last piece then...

Congratulations!!!!!!! you made it, You made the puzzle

Step 5: Final Step

Now fix the last step into the puzzle and group them.

Now 3D print and Enjoy.

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Thank you and will see you later.

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