Introduction: Jigsaw Table

About: Professional by day and Hobbyist by weekend

This project was quick weekend project as i needed quick solution for my curvy cutting needs which were possible with handheld jig saw but were pretty complicated for intricate details. so i started working on this idea and here it is in actions though it extended weeks beyond my timelines cause of lots of high priority work rolling in between.

What can this do?

Its a jigsaw upside down underneath your regular table, Its like clamping your tool instead of the work piece, they major part is this still cuts :) and with intricate details..

Step 1: Material List

  1. Plywood- 2x2 foot (mine is 3x2)
  2. Aluminium extrusions L shape- 2 foot long 1/2 inch wide 8 pieces
  3. M3 nuts & bolts with lock nut 15mm long 32 pieces
  4. Drill machine with 3mm metal bit
  5. Jigsaw (mine was Skil 1470)

Step 2: Assemble the Square Frame

Assembly is really easy all you have to do is assemble all the aluminium into 3D cube boxy thing as show in the image attached, we can achieve the same by building it step by step, so in this step lets gets the 2 dimension squares ready by joining all of them at 90 degrees refer to the Image attached.

Things to remember

  1. This has to be done for both sides so you should have 2 square frames by the end
  2. You need to join 2 bolts to at each joint at 45 deg angle where they intersect. this give the frame more stability
  3. Remember these are L shaped extrusion so bear in mind how you want to seat them, either the flat face up or down.
  4. Leave a bit of frame from top and bottom this is where the wood will go

Step 3: Create Your Perfect Table

I was never this accurate with any other project and was not even expecting to be on this one but all finally came together i was surprised how good it turned, anyways as shown in the picture create the 3d cube like aluminum frame.

Once this is done place the wood on top of it as shown above and you should have a perfect table.Do remember to check the level of the table and adjust legs accordingly

Step 4: Make Your Jigsaw Ready

Drill four m3 holes in the base plate of the jigsaw, yes you guessed it right this is for mounting the jigsaw to the table.

Drill a 1 cm radi hole in the wood and cut it through the jigsaw until you real the point where you want to settle it.

Holding the base plate in there and drill the four holes through the wood chamfer the up side of the table and fit the jigsaw with four m3 nuts as shown in the picture..

And you jigsaw table is ready!!!

Video with action for the same coming soon