Jim Gym

Introduction: Jim Gym

This is Jim Gym. A fun and well equipped gym that allows people to come and safely exercise during the Covid-19 pandemic. It consists of four different floors: cafe, physical therapy, individual exercise, and the roof. These four floors are properly designed to prevent covid spread.

Step 1: Cafe

This floor will have an entrance to the building, as well as a cafe. There is also a couch for each person so that people can maintain their space between one another. There is a table with drinks for members to get a little energy before working out. The lobby area is extremely Covid-19 friendly, as there is 6ft spacing between the tables and enough room for social distancing between couches.

Step 2: Physical Therapy

This floor will have individual rooms with a bed to stretch on and personal ice baths. This floor will also have an area for physical therapy, with multiple physical therapy equipment. Each room is separated by a wall to social distance each person that reserves the room. After someone leaves one of the rooms the stretch bed will be wiped down and disinfected along with the equipment in the physical therapy area. The ice bath will be drained and the ice will be refilled. There will be a physical therapist who will help anyone in need, and she will have her own office. There is also an elevator that connects to all the floors.

Step 3: Individual Exercise Pods

This floor will have individual pods/rooms, and each room contains a weight rack and other things that can be used to do weight lifting and similar exercises. Each room will also have a treadmill or stationary bicycle. This is the individual workout section of the gym. This floor contains a row of stationary bikes, pull up bars and dumbbells, and heavy weight lifting. This floor is Covid-19 safe because there are individual workout rooms, each supplied with a specific kind of exercise. These rooms not only allow the gym to be Covid-19 safe, but also allow each person to have their own space and privacy when working out. This floor offers a variety of equipment to give many options of exercise as well as a bottle of water.

Step 4: Roof Lounges

This floor will have multiple lounge areas, that are separated into certain lanes to be covid friendly. Also, This floor will have some video games for kids after a long workout. This floor is overall mainly a lounge area for a nice break after a workout. This area is covid friendly because, as I said before, the pool will have certain rows that are separated with walls to contain any spread of the deadly coronavirus. Also, all lounges are at least 6 feet apart.

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