Introduction: Jitter Drive

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Have you ever played with those little hex bugs from Radio Shack? Well now you can make your flash drive into one. If your bored just take out you JItter Drive and let it loose. It's easy and fast to do, and best of all it still works as a data storage device.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you need:
  1. A tooth brush with no curve in the bristles
  2. A small button battery
  3. Thin wire, I used hobby wire 2.14 mm
  4. vibration motor
  5. A small switch
  6. Solder
  7. A flash drive
The tools you will need:
  1. Pliers, preferably small
  2. A hot glue gun
  3. A small saw
  4. A soldering iron

Step 2: The Body of the Jitter Drive

Start by cutting off the head of the tooth brush. Then with pliers pull out all the bristles in the middle but leave the outside bristles (see picture for reference). Then take the shell off of the zip drive. With the hot glue gun glue the zip drive onto the tooth brush head with the port facing up so when you put it in the computer it has the bristles facing up (see second picture).

Step 3: Adding the Electronics

Once you have the frame put together solder the battery and the switch together, make sure to put the battery and switch on without making the frame lose balance. Then once those are in place solder the vibration motor into the circuit, the reason we glue the battery and switch on first is to see if it is balanced correctly.

Step 4: Watch It Jitter

Now all you have to do is make it jitter by flipping the switch. You can also add a stronger motor and a holder for the small battery so you can replace it easier. You now have a fun little toy and a cool looking zip drive. check out Jitter Drive 2 at this link

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