Introduction: Jogging Stroller Skis

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So it's finally snowing up at our ski house in Lincoln, Nh. The snow was falling gently and my wife, son and I got all bundled up and went for a walk. My wife tried pushing our 1 year old in his jogging stroller and needless to say we didn't get very far, not far at all. I remembered my brother in law, Greg showing me a wheel to ski conversion for a red flyer wagon and though I can do that for our jogging stroller, and this is how it went.
This project was done in the basement and deck of our house in Nh with very minimal tools and absolutely no measuring. Disclaimer. My methods may not have been the best, most 'correct' way and if I was at my workshop at our main home I would have done a few things differently. My impatience always gets the best of me, I want it now! :) Enjoy. Wish I could figure out how to upload an iPhone video so you can see the rig in action.

Step 1: Getting Together What You Need.

So first off you are going to need some old skis. 2 pair. Also I made trip to our local aubuchon and for $33.10 (I over bought) I bought these;
6 8"x7/8" mending brace
Box of 3/4" #20 bolts
Box of #20 nuts x2
10 tarp tieing bungee cords (small bungees with a plastic ball)

Step 2: Bending the Mending Braces.

So I don't have a vice or even a medium size set of channel locks or pliers up here so I used some creativity and brought the 8" mending brace out on my deck and used the crevice between the boards and my brute strength to bend them to the shape I wanted as shown in the pictures. Easy peasy. You need 6 of these.

Step 3: Getting the Skis Ready

So I took the old skis. Two old pair of my sister kids skis, hope she didn't want them anymore. Oh well. I took off the front binding and lined it up under the wheel of the jogging stroller. Marked where I thought looked good and took it out on my deck and cut it with a cordless circular saw, very slowly. I did this for all three. The two back wheels are the same size and the front wheel is a bit smaller so take that into account when sizing up.

Step 4: Attaching the Wheel Guides

Now with the cut skis I again lined them up under the wheels and marked where I thought the tire guides should go. Then drilled both the guide and the ski so I could fit one bolt through. I also counter sunk the base so the head of the bolt didn't drag to much when pushing the jogger. Then tightened the nut on top. Lock nuts would have been better. Line up the second rear wheel ski with the first and do that one. The front will be different.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now I just pushed one of the tarp bungees through the hole looped it through the spokes around the tire and over the ball to secure it. Do this for all 6 guides and voila, your done. I also found that locking the back wheels is the way to go, just put the brake on... The skis can be stored in the joggers pouch until you're on snow then just pop them on.
Do NOT push your child down a hill in this! That would be tragic and dumb. This is for flat or mostly flat walking paths.

Have fun.

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