Introduction: Jogging Stroller / Bike Trailer Hack / Conversion

This instructable will explain how to convert a jogging stroller into a bike trailer for small children, while still allowing the freedom of using it as a jogging stroller.

Step 1: Obtain Supplies


1 jogging stroller (found free or cheap at yard sale)

13 hex bolts

13 nuts

13 locking washers

plenty of washers for spaces as needed

1 hitch pin with r clip

1 caster wheel with flat four bolt pattern (check out the bolt pattern on your bike before buying and use existing holes)

L-frame steel with pre-drilled holes (length will be varied due to bike size and stroller construction, I used about 7.5 feet or two four foot poles)

bike to attach trailer to


wrench set

angle grinder (or hack saw)


drill with bits (as needed)

Step 2: Remove Stroller's Protective Covering Exposing the Frame

Mine was attached with four screws underneath the frame.

Step 3: Position Stroller Behind Bike

With the stroller positioned about 10-12 inches behind bike plan the structure of the frame


-the frame needs to attach to the left side of the bike so the frame needs to come off of the left side of the trailer

-the frame cannot go straight back due to taking corners, plan on the frame coming off the bike at an angle then straight back to the stroller/trailer

-any wide angles should be supported with adjacent framing

-with bike lined up with stroller notice if point of attachment is even, higher or lower than the bike frame

-my point of attachment was below the stroller frame so I bolted my trailer frame underneath the stroller

-the newly added trailer frame needs to be level with the bike point of attachment to allow for the third center wheel of the stroller to come in contact with the ground while is stands by itself

-if the new frame is higher or lower than the bike attachment the frame will bend under pressure of the passengers

Step 4: Make Trailer Frame

-cut steel at needed lengths

-add supporting framework at large angles (as seen in pictures)

-too attach supporting framework cut down the spine of the 'L' and insert over main frame then secure with bolt/washer on top and locking washer/nut underneath

-smooth any rough edges to prevent injuries while walking by

Step 5: Make Hitch Attachment

-cut 2 three inch pieces of steel

-cut off bottom halves length wise

-position one flipped and make a block, secure with two bolt/locking washer/nuts

-leave an exposed hole for pin/hitch attachment

Step 6: Attach Frame to Stroller

-use existing holes if at all possible, this will keep the structural integrity of the stroller

-attach with washer on top and locking washer underneath

-the L-frame needs to be even with the bike's point of attachment (use washers to correct this)

-do not over tighten

-should be snug but not squishing the stroller frame

Step 7: Attach Caster to Bike

-remove wheel from caster (mine attaching with small nut and bolt)

-attach caster to existing holes in bike frame (adding holes can compromise structural integrity of bike frame)

-attach trailer to bike with hitch bolt and pin

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Trailer

-remember to always wear your helmet (kids will learn by your example, so adults wear your helmets too!)

-to use trailer as stroller simple remove bolts that attach the frame of trailer to the stroller


-this is meant for a leisurely ride with small children, excessive speed can cause the free center wheel of the stroller to shake (quite violently)

-I tried removing the center wheel to prevent this but the rear wheels were set too far back, thus the center of gravity of the passengers caused the frame to bend under wheel returned

-I am not responsible for any injuries (play safe!!)

-this trailer is also useful to carry lightweight supplies (I have used it to haul fishing poles/tackle box to the river)

Step 9: Seat Belts

My stroller's seat belts had fallen off due to the elements so I used two straps with buckles on them (from old/small children's life vest) to make new seat belts. I cut a small slit in bottom of the sitting area and wrapped the strap around the frame for support.

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