Introduction: "Johnny 5! You're Alive!"

About: Eclectic hobbyist. That is about it! I like making things and fixing things. Random things. Anything broken or in need of some fabrication. I've just come back to Instructables this year. I still have Johnny 5…

This is another build I made up as I went. I referenced pictures and videos online to help with the build. If anyone wants "Input" or a piece inventory for this build, just let me know. I took pictures during the build, and would be happy to create a full Instructable. This project kind of hoodwinked me. I started to take him apart after the build, but all I could hear was, "No Disassemble! NO DISASSEMBLE!" :-)

Update: I moved three times in 6 months and Johnny 5 is currently being rebuilt. Is this a great time for a piece inventory? Probably lol