Join the Avadra Kedrava Spell

Introduction: Join the Avadra Kedrava Spell

Hello people if I'd show'd you the expellarimus spell for Potter well now Riddle wants you to kill Harry Potter for good now listen up since Riddle was 20 he killed Harry's parents now 16 years later he got kill by Potter now he's counting on you to kill him

Step 1: Materiels

You need : 1 paper 1 green car laser 1glue stick and tape

Step 2: Roll and Glue

At the bottom right corner roll it sideways and stop when you see a triangle and glue the triangle and roll it then it is a wand

Step 3: Cut Time

See the two triangles on both edges just cut them off

Step 4: Handle

Tape one side that you choose to hold that you won't mess up so now your done with the wand

Step 5: Last But Not Easy

Get the car laser and tape it in the middle of the handle and you done

Step 6: Avadra Kedrava!!!

Thank you

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