Joker's Batman Gauntlets

Introduction: Joker's Batman Gauntlets

Inspired by an as-of-yet unreleased sideshow collectibles toy I decided I really liked the Joker's version of the Batsuit. I liked it so much I wanted to create one of my own. But since my funds are limited at the moment I decided to settle for making just the gauntlets for now.

Step 1: Build Photos

Originally I was planning on doing a full instructable, however, there are lots foam armor tutorials on this site... and I changed my design about 80% of the way through. So instead I'm just going to string all of my WIP photos to try to give an idea of my process.

Step 2: Final Product

The finished product came in at a total budget of about tree fiddy; I had most of the materials on hand but had to buy green paint but there is plenty left for future project so hooray! And now I'm seriously considering making the rest of the suit for Halloween. Go team.

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