Introduction: Jolt Energy Mints Slim MP3 Player Case

I have been thinking about this instructable for about a week. I bought a tin of these Jolt Energy Mints not just because they are good but, I thought they'd make a good slim MP3 player. I work outside most of the day and have gone through many small MP3 players because I keep them in my pocket or clipped on to my shirt. The down side of doing either of those options was I would lean against something and they would get smashed. The Jolt Energy Mint tin is a great because of the slim design and one end opening to allow head phone cord storage.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Jolt Energy Mints Tin
Rubber Grommet

Electric drill
Metal 5/16" Drill bit or larger depending on grommet size.
Sharpie marker

Small, Thin MP3 player
Headphones or Earbuds

Step 2: Marking Headphone Outlet.

I placed the outlet for the headphone of this case at the bottom of one of the sides. This will allow me to store extra cord with the player.

Mark the spot you would like for the cord outlet with a sharpie. Be sure that the hole you are drilling is large enough for the grommet.

Step 3: Drilling Headphone Oulet.

Be very care when drilling through the side of the tin. These dewalt drill bits with through very quickly at low speeds. I had a tiny puncture through the front of the tin from the bit. I easily rolled the tin back with a flat head screw driver.

Step 4: Install Groumet

The grommet will protect the headphone cord from the thin metal of the tin. It also gives it a more finished look I think.

The grommet is easily rolled into the hole once you get the grove started. If it just won't go in don not force it. Drill the hole with next size drill bit just make sure to not make it larger than the grommet.

Step 5: Feed Headphone Cord.

Simply run the headphone cord from the outside into the tin through the grommet.

Step 6: Final Step

Last test your new protective Jolt Mints case. Tested with both a Apple iPod Shuffle and Sansa Clip. Extra cord was easily pushed into the tin and both players still had plenty of room.