Introduction: Jolt: a Bolt-action, Semi Repeating, Bullpup, Mag Fed, Compound Slingshot.

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No... I didn't die, I'm still here. Sooo...this is a collaboration with jaredb (I think he's changed his name here but I'll check what it is and update this. I know it took me a while but I've been really busy with school stuff and haven't had time to really post. On to the features I guess :P

Range: terrible rounds aerodynamically, but pretty good gun to fire them with. it pushes them for 40ft but at close range it's pretty accurate. needless to say I'll be posting a v2 soon

efficiency firing: not that good, but better than many slingshots. pull the bands back over the catch, then pull back and release the bolt to chamber a round. really cool mech :)

comfort: a little short from stock to handle for my taste, but will fit many quite well. everything else really comfy.

mag: modified version of my zipdart mag. works pretty well and loads straight in, not swivel in.

looks: I like to think it looks cool but you decide. I'll start work on a v2 soon and hopefully post instructions with that