Introduction: JooSoap Making : Eco-soap Made From Used Cooking Oil for Household Cleaning

About: JooSoap Studio is an eco-soap making hub which aims to spread knowledge about "making soap from used coking oil". Based on the knowledge from Taiwan Maple community since 1996. It involves workshops, a toolkit…

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Step 1: Summary of the JooSoap Making

Step 2: Prepare & Get Ready

Step 3: Prepare & Get Ready 2

Take a photo of your working space.

Step 4: Start 1 : Check Your Oil Condition

Step 5: Start 2: Mixing

Step 6: Start 3 : *Carefully* Mixing Lye Water

Mixing lye and water outside if possible and avoid breathing the steam.

Step 7: Start 4 : Cool Down Lye Water and Set Up Moulds

Step 8: Start 5 : Add Used Cooking Oil and Scent

When pouring the oil into pot, be careful of the splash.
(pour on the back side of the ladle like this photo might help)

Step 9: Start 6 : Keep Stirring in the Same Direction Until It Turns Sticky

This step might take some time(5-10 minutes) or very fast(3 minutes)

*If it turns sticky really fast, usually happens on the oil which been fried too much...(It's also a way we use to test the oil from restaurants we went to for meals)
In this situation, try to mix them as well as possible and ready to pour them into bigger moulds and cut them few days later.

Step 10: Start 7 : Pour Into Moulds and Mark the Date Down

Step 11: Wait and Clean

Step 12: Taking Solified Eco-soap Out of the Mould

Step 13: Dry, Wait and DONE!

Step 14: Congratulations!! Use and Share!

After 4 weeks, Check the sound of the soap to see if it's solidify inside.
Use and share to your friends and us.

If you think this instruction is useful or have any suggestions, please let us know.


Step 15: Thanks & Please Share!

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