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Introduction: Joule Thief

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A joule thief is a minimalist Armstrong self-oscillating voltage booster that is small, low-cost, and easy to build, typically used for driving light loads. It can use nearly all of the energy in a single-cell electric battery, even far below the voltage where other circuits consider the battery fully discharged; hence the name, which suggests the notion that the circuit is stealing energy or "joules" from the source. The term is a pun on the expression "jewel thief": one who steals jewelry or gemstones.

Homemade Emergency Joule Thief. This very simple Inverter can take very little voltage to Boost Set Up AC or pulsed DC to turn on 120v or 220v / 1.5w to 5 watt LED Bulbs or 5w. fluorescent lamps can be achieved. Yes! to steal all the last energy from any 12v, 9v, 6v, 3.7v, 3v, 1.5v, 1.2v Battery. Super Efficient DIY Testing using Oscilloscope known as a "scope", to see the form of the wave or "waveform" can be analyzed for such properties 1. Amplitude 2. Frequency 3. Time. Save your money to get more effect!

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    6 years ago

    I like it. I designed my self something similar using a CFL transformer.

    As for your fluorescent lamp, you will need to attach a 4rth coil in your transformer, so a voltage of 100 volts from it can be applied to two of the four terminals of the fluorescent lamp which are connected with the filaments. You only need to overpower the filaments first to burn them, so a gap can be created in them. Once burned, the 4th coil can be attached to any pair of the filament's terminals. There the fluorescent lamp's area in which that pair is supplied with low voltage electricity wil glow and allow the lamp to turn on by itself with help of the 3rd coil's high voltage (450 Volts or so).

    My suggestion can propably work, because additional 4th coil can make the gase's molecules to come closer to each otehr allowing to mercury and gas to become electricall contuctors, hense the auto switch on with 450 Volts. So, your 100 volts 4th coil you must apply, can work as somekind of balast.

    I remember it working with me, when I used a reusable kodak film camera attaching the lower voltage to the dead filament of a fluorescent lamp.


    6 years ago

    A really elegant design