Introduction: Judge Dredd Shoulder Armour

About: Father and Son build team.

Hi, here we made Carlos Exquerra style shoulder armour. Made of EV foam (plus glue, paint, builders bog).

Step 1: Base Shapes

The base shapes were scaled to fit from pictures in 2000ad comics. The base shapes are cut from EV foam (12mm floor mats), glued with Ados F2 and shaped with a heat gun.

Step 2: Adding Details and Battle Damage

Here the details were added. The feathers are 2mm foam, glued with Ados F2. Builders bpg was used to smooth the top and head of the eagle. In hindsight this should be avoided (via better shaping of the base object), as it makes the object prone to cracking under movement.

Step 3: Painting

First coat was etching primer, followed by plastidip. The base coat is metallic gold. This is weathered by dabbing black acrylic over top and rubbing most off (leaving some in the crevices) . Silver paint is used sparingly on the edges and battle damage to give the impression of a base metal underneath.