Introduction: Jugger Staff

About: This instructable will be for juggers weapons and materials.

For this build you will need the following:
1 core. I used a solid fibreglass core of 1cm diameter, but you have other options here.

Lots of strong tape. A fibreglass reinforced duck tape is highly recommended for striking zones and I used electrical tape for the handle.

Padding. I used a mix of foam rubber, and pipe insulation here.

A marker.

A measuring tape.

A good blade.

Something to cap the core with. Being the lover of Juggers that I am, I used a one euro coin from Germany.

Step 1: Assembly

Take the core, which should be around 10cm less than the desired length of the finished staff, and place the first layer of padding on it.

Be sure to tape the padding securely to the core and also to itself. This will help keep it tight on the core and minimise wobble.

Tape the cap to the top of the core, lots of tape. Make it very secure.

Ensure that padding on the handle is as tight and compressed as possible. Wobble in the handle is to be avoided like the plague. Some weapons, such as German staffs don't require handle padding, but I believe any weapon where the handle is big enough to hit a player needs to have some padding. Ive seen some noses get broken by unpadded q tip handles.

For the tip of the weapon use a layer of firm padding with softer padding on the surface. The tip should be as soft as possible to ensure no injuries from thrusting attacks. Be sure not to over tape the tip as this can negate perfect padding.

Step 2: Top Tape Layer

once the weapon has all the padding on it, you can begin to tape it up.

Always do any edge areas first, such where the handle and strike area meet. By doing these first you can secure the tape down with the top layer that will cover the entire weapon.

A weapon should always be pleasing to behold, make it personal. But never place form over function. These things need to play well, and looking good is a happy extra.

Step 3: Finishing

by now it should be finished, its it not you've done something wrong.

Now go forth and may the lamentations of your enemies women fill you ears.