Juggle a Soccer Ball

Introduction: Juggle a Soccer Ball

Learn how to juggle a soccer ball.

Step 1: Practice Your Approach

Practice flicking the ball up in the air and trapping it with your foot. Do this until you are comfortable.

You can also drop it from your hands.

Step 2: Get a Touch

Practice flicking the ball and tapping it up in the air and catching it. Do this until your comfortable.

Step 3: Use Other Body Parts

See if you can get the ball high enough in the air to try and tap it with your thigh. Once you tap it catch the ball.

Step 4: Use Your Thigh W/o Catching the Ball

Get the ball high enough in the air to hit it with your thigh but instead of catching the ball tap it with your foot and get it back in the air.

Do this until you are comfortable

Step 5: Add It All Together

Add together your flick up your touch and thigh. Try to set a high score.

Step 6: Add Flair

Add skill to your juggling, use your head or use a different flick up.

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