Introduction: Juggling: Can I Do It?

It is a saying amongst jugglers that "anyone who can turn on a light switch can juggle". Juggling is an excellent skill- you can wow your friends, break the ice with strangers, and amaze family members for as long as you can keep the juggling in the air. With these steps, you'll be able to keep everything up in the air with just a little practice!

Materials Needed
• 3 identical objects that can be easily tossed from one had to the other. Ideas include: Bean bags, Rolled-up socks, Juggling scarves
• Plenty of space (free of breakable objects).

Step 1: 1. Start With One Object.

Pick up one of your objects and hold it in the right hand. Gently toss the object from your dominant hand to your left hand, and catch it in your left hand. Toss it back to your right hand. Repeat until comfortable with tossing the object between two hands.

Step 2: 2. Perfect the Technique

Picture a vertical line that symmetrically divides the left and right sides of your body. While tossing the ball from the right hand, the hand should naturally move in a “scooping” motion. The right hand should release the object as it passes the imaginary vertical line. The object should be thrown up to eye-level. Catch the object with the left hand. Repeat the technique as you toss from the left hand to the right. Continue tossing the object between hands until every throw is done with the hand crossing the vertical line, and the object is always tossed to eye-level.

Step 3: 3. Use Two Objects

Start with one object in each hand. Using the same technique as described in step two, throw the object in your right hand to eye level. At the same moment that the same object reaches its peak, toss the second object with the left hand underneath the first object. After the left hand is free, use it to catch the first object. Use the right hand to catch the remaining object. Note: both objects need to be thrown upwards to eye level. Do not “pass” the second toss horizontally to the other hand. This step will take practice- repeat until mastered. Once this step is mastered, switch hands to start with the left hand first.

Step 4: 4. Use Three Objects

Start with two objects in the right hand, and one in the left. Toss one object from the right hand while keeping the other in the hand. As the first object reaches its peak (at eye level), toss the second object and catch the first with the left hand. As the second object reaches its peak, toss the third object and catch the third object with the right hand. Catch the third object in the left hand.

Step 5: 5. Keep Practicing.

Juggling like a professional takes a lot of practice. After practicing enough to have good control, repeat step 4 starting with the other hand. When both hands have proficiency in juggling, practice until you can keep going- rather than stopping on the third toss, continue tossing until a ball is dropped. Record the maximum tosses made, and try again with the goal to increase the record.