Introduction: Jugs for Your Nuts and Bolts

Not really an Instructable to change the World, but an useful tip;

Gizmo Makers, and the junk that we accumulate!
For it might be useful, all those assorted pieces of junk.
Generally, after cleaning your Shed Garage / Workshop, etc ...
That's when we miss all those already trashed parts.

But boxes for all that stuff, are expensive, what can you do?

Use scrap to store ... Your Scrap!

Yes, these 5 litre water jugs, which accumulate at an alarming rate, can store everything, and yet they are easy to pick up and carry!

It's simple, lay the Jug down, and with 3 cuts, one with X-acto over less than half the diameter of the jug, up front, two others with scissors along the length, almost all the way to the back, and you have a "lid" of sorts:

And it all finally can be catalogued, with a Jug for Springs, another for nuts and bolts, etc ...