Juicy Bird Feeder



Introduction: Juicy Bird Feeder

I am very fond of repurposing anything headed for the trash heap as some people may have noticed and here I have an opportunity to salvage a juice carton and give the birds a little snack.

It is easy to do and needs few tools.

I had to replace the early pictures of the completed feeder shown which were inadvertently deleted, so you will see a dramatic difference in colour at one point in the project. I could pretend that I did it on purpose to draw attention to what was happening in that step, but I wont.

I suggest that the feeder be located under some kind of overhand to reduce the amount of moisture that might get in the seeds.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

All you need for this project is a beverage carton with a spout on the top

and a few tools

a ruler

a craft knife

a glue gun and a short piece of waterproof tape

and of course some bird feed

Step 2: Preparing the Juice Box

Carefully pry open the sealed flaps at the tope of the box, keeping the screw cap.

Wash the box very well so that there is no trace of juice left in it.

Step 3: Marking the Cutting Lines for the Feeder Openings

When it is dry, take the ruler and measure about 1 1/2 inches from and parallel to the bottom of the box and score a line for about 3/4 inch from the corner. You do not need to cut through the box at this time. Turn the box over and score another line as above.

Repeat this for all 4 corners.

When all four corners are scored parallel to the bottom of the box, measure up one of the corners 1 1/2 inches fom the score line. Score a line from the end of the score line furthest from the corner up to the nick that you put on the corner to mark 1 1/2 inches up from the score line. Turn the box over and perform this step on the other side of that corner.

Repeat this for all 4 corners.

Step 4: Cutting the Openings

You may have noticed a slight change in the appearance of the box. The earlier pictures of the feeder were accidentally deleted and so the earlier steps were shown on different box. Sorry if it leads to confusion.

Go over each of your scored lines parallel to the bottom cutting through as smoothly as you can.

Then with you thumbs push the corner of the box inward along the angled scored lines.

I have shown these openings from several angles.

Step 5: Finishing the Bird Feeder

When you have pushed in the 4 openings, refold the top opening and ensure that the cap is in place.

At this point you can fill the feeder with seed.

You will see the top edge of one of the two unfolded edges has a tab on it. Take this tab and insert it into the space between the folded edges and the edge without a tab. While holding it in place, have a friend apply hot glue. Some hot glue does not hold for more than a minute, so a this point quickly apply a strip of waterproof tape on both sides of the top flap.

Now take the bird feeder outside and make some birds very happy.

Because of the cap at the top of the box, you will be able to refill the feeder. I recommend using a funnel to aid in pouring the seed into the box.

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