Introduction: Jumbo Sprouter.

I've been sprouting for a month now and wanted a way to make one big yield for a week or two's servings in one grow.  I took a used and washed out 20oz food grade container (it's an old protein powder jug.) and cut a hole in the lid using a knife and craft scissors.  I bought a 98 cent needlepoint circle that was just a bit bigger than the lid and cut it to fit.  I chose to glue to lid in place, it would work without but this was easier.

Step 1:

I guessed at 8-9 tablespoons of seed, a mixed alfalfa, broccoli and clover blend.
I poured right through the mesh and drained twice a day, leaving the container sideways with a slight downward tilt into a small dish to further drain excess water.
In 4 1/2 days I realized the container might be too small!

Step 2:

Realizing I don't have any container big enough and the sprouts needed a little sun to 'green' I went to the trusty ziplock.  This is a 1 gallon freezer bag Very full of sprouts!  It was 12 double handfuls of sprouts.  I left the bag near indirect sun and they greened up nicely.
That should feed me sprouts for a week or two!