Introduction: Jump Ring Woven Bracelet

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These bracelets can be seen as something totally unexpected. When making them, this wasn't what I was going for at all! Somehow it still happened and I am so glad it did. To be completely honest, I think they are probably one of the simplest projects I've made so far. For me, that's one of the biggest charms of these bracelets: they look stylish and nice, while actually being really simple and fast! So, if anyone still needs a last minute Christmas present ;)

I really hope you'll like them as much as I do!

Step 1: Materials

To make a bracelet yourself, you will need:

- jump rings, I used about forty

- a toggle clasp

- two lace clips

- faux suède lace

- a pair of flat nose pliers (quite helpful, though technically it would be possible without)

All the metal elements I used had the same colour, which is definitely what I would recommend to make the bracelet look as good as possible. When it comes to choosing the colour, just try to find what looks best with your lace.

Step 2: Getting Started

Put two jump rings on the lace. Pull the longest side off the lace (be sure to leave enough room on the other side to end it) through the loop that's the furthest away from it. This will give you the situation shown in the third picture.

Next, open up one of the jump rings. Add it through the lace loop created by last step and lock it in its position by bending it back closed.

Step 3: The Weaving

When it comes to the weaving itself, there are just two little steps you need to take every time.

The first step is to add a jump ring to the lace. The second and already last step is pulling the lace through the last ring you added.

Keep repeating this until you reach a length that's almost long enough to fit around your wrist.

Step 4: Time to End

To end the weaving, simply pull the lace through the last jump ring without adding a new one. Repeat this on both sides.

Step 5: A Small Adaption

The lace clips I used had a loop incorporated to add a jump ring directly to it. I personally don't really like this part of lace clips, since the metal layer is not that think and using the loop creates a bit of a weak point in the bracelet.

By holding the loop part with a pair of flat nose pliers and moving the clip around a bit, the metal quickly becomes brittle enough to break the loop off.

Step 6: Close It Up

Add a jump ring to the first part of the toggle clasp. Put the jump ring on the lace and fold the remaining end back next to it. Take your lace clip and place it on the lace as show, with the widest side of the lace positioned on the top and bottom. Use a pair of flat nose pliers to close the clip and cut of any excess lace.

Repeat this step for the other part of the clasp, but remember to check if the length of the bracelet is right before closing the clip.

Step 7: And That's It!

Exactly what the title says! Those steps are all there is to making this bracelet yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this project, if you did I'd love to know of course : )

Did you make one yourself? Post an I made it comment below and tell me about how it went!

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