Introduction: Jump Start a Car in 5 Minutes ! - With DIY 12v Dead Car Battery Charger

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In This Video I Will Show You a Way To Jump-start a Car In Just In Just 5 Minutes With Parts You Have Inside Your Home Like SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply ) From Old Pc And a Dc-Dc Step Up Converter

You Can Set-up This Battery Charger Within 2 Minutes And Charge Your Dead Battery Enough To Start The Battery

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So Let's Make It !

Step 1: You Will Need

Step 2: Connect It Up !

1. Connect 12v From SMPS To Dc-Dc Converter

- It Will Convert 12v Dc Into 14.2v Dc , You Have To Set Voltage Using a Trimmer.

2.Connect A Panel Meter to Measure Battery Voltage And Current.

- It Will Display Voltage & Current ,Not Necessary But Good To Have.

3. Parellel Two Diodes And Connect them At The Output of Dc -Dc Converter

- Diodes Will Prevent Backward Current Flow i.e. From Battery To Dc-Dc Converter .

4. Lastly,Connect Fan For Cooling

- Keep Dc-Dc Converter cool , Since We're Converting Decent Amount of Power Through It.

Step 3: Calculations to Jump Start a Car in 5 Minuites !

According to my measurements , a one engine crank needs 960mAh of energy 12v @80 Amp For 3 Seconds ! (It may Vary Depending On Car Off course) ,With This Charger We,re Putting 14.2v @ 4-5 Amp (Or More Current If Thick Wire Is Used) Which Totals 70 Watts Power Feeding Into The Battery(Converter Can Safely Deliver Upto 100 Watts Power) But consider 70 watts for 5 minuites (300 Seconds ) , Battery Should Accumulate 2.1 Ah of Charge (It Will Be Less somewhat Due to Various Losses) But It Will Easily accumulate enough energy to Jump start a Car In 5 Minutes Very Easily !

This is Life Saving If You Can't Move or Push a Car , Just Like What Happened To Me .

Note : I Failed Once in a Math ,But Don't Get Me Wrong This Time Calculations Look Pretty Solid To Me .(Please Correct Me If I Wrong ! )

Step 4: Jump a Car !

1. Grab a Power Strip & Connect Charger we've just built.

2.Charge The Battery For About 5 Minuites.

3. Normally It Will Accumulate Required Energy In 5 Minuites, Remember that Battery And Charger Should Be Connected While Starting The Car ,And Remove Charger Once It Starts.