Introduction: Jump-ring Bracelet

Hello! :) I am Hash here and I would like to share a simple idea for bracelet.. As I am super-crazy about them, and also because I am not supposed to sew stuff yet, I decided to make a simple bracelet using jump-rings.. I didn't add any extra stuff like, beads, charms, ribbons etc, but it's your bracelet, man! Do what you want!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

All you need for this project are some jump-rings.. I got mine for $0.33 only.. There are about 150-200 rings in there. I bought the 0.5 cm diameter rings. You may buy any size depending upon your likings..

Scissors are optional..

Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

• Take a jump-ring, and open it using your hands (best option and easiest) or using the scissors
• Take another two rings and put them inside the first ring
• Close the opening by pressing it hard
• Continue the same procedure till the required length is acquired

Step 3: Adding Stuff to the Bracelet

I didn't do this for my first bracelet but you can enhance your bracelet in all possible ways.. You can even dye your rings in different colours.. You can add beads and glitters and ribbons and make it beautiful.. If you are looking for a 'guy' look, you can leave it just the way it is or you can make it look as rusty as possible with any type of rust powder..

P.S: the above pictures in this step do NOT belong to me

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

I really don't know whether there is a difference between starting , making , and finishing in this bracelet.. basically, the same technique is repeated. So, you just link the last ring to the first ring. And voilà, your bracelet is done.

Step 5: Finished Result

You can either wear it as a bracelet or a ring! This is the simplest of all jump-ring bracelets.. There are tons of other designs too, in the web.. I'll get back to y'all with other designs ASAP.
Do comment! And constructive criticism is welcome as this is my first Instructable.. :D thank you for viewing!